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LOS ANGELES (11 October 2017): Fashion designer Valery Kovalska arrived in Los Angeles from

Paris on a mission. She is preparing to make her LA Fashion Week debut this Sunday night at 7pm

PT when she will unveil her 2018 collection in the U.S. Part of the wave of up-and-coming Eastern

bloc talent currently impacting the fashion world yet a singular, forward-thinking force, Kovalska

aims to gain more exposure for her hometown of Kiev, Ukraine along with the hope of making Los Angeles a go-to destination for edgy young brands while standing apart from the New York crowds

and still have a viable and cool presence in the American market.

Valery Kovalska STYLE FW show

Kovalska chose Los Angeles for her U.S. debut for a multitude of reasons. “Los Angeles is a new option and a different approach for emerging designers. The city has grown more and more international and is filled with interesting, creative and driven people. LA is an eclectic mix of commerce and art with an incredibly tight creative community that is always looking to collaborate and this inspires me. Another feature that drew my attention was that the best production resources are readily available here and can be drawn upon in order to make a powerful statement. My runway show will be a multimedia production highlighted by original music and videos, and feature performance artist Millie Brown (known for her performances with Lady Gaga). LA is really the perfect place right now to showcase my brand,” said Kovalska. The Valery Kovalska Spring/Summer 2018 collection is dedicated to global travelers with fast paced, demanding lifestyles. It is a perfect mix of urban, feminine and sporty. The styles move seamlessly from casual to cocktail. This season’s designs are lightweight and fluid made in brilliant whites, vibrant blues, the perfect shade of rich coral and her classic black, which will never lose its place in her line. The innovative new fabrics, sourced and developed with some of Europe’s top mills, run the gamut from Italian silks to intricate and modern takes on French lace from France’s top producer, Solstiss. Many styles are adorned with hand-worked, micro-glass beading and shirting styles are accented with handmade silver and enamel buttons designed and developed in Kovalska’s Kiev studio. She plays with texture, volume and structure across poplin shirting, fringed evening dresses, pleated tuxedo looks and strict architectural, body-hugging dresses alike. Strong, feminine and undeniably cool, Kovalska’s unique looks display nuances of old world couture while at the same time they are distinctly modern, comfortably worn and possess a standout “it girl” style. Her collection empowers and seduces, adeptly balancing edgy and approachable.

“We sell to stores around the world across regions with radically different cultures, customs and

norms. A lot of my designs are cross-cultural and my work is often influenced by my frequent

travels. This new collection is perfect for travel. It doesn’t take up a lot of space in your luggage, the

items are easy to wear, mix and match, and I paid close attention to fabric choices that were

resistant to creases and wrinkles,” said the 27 year-old Kovalska, who got her professional start ten

years ago as a stylist and wardrobe designer for television and music video productions in the


Inherent in the Valery Kovalska brand’s DNA is her commitment to making creations

environmentally sustainable for conscious consumption. Two years ago, Kovalska made the bold

business decision to cease the production of leather items in order to align her brand with her own

vegan and sustainable living lifestyle. The leather category had always been the highest revenueproducing

group in her collection so it was a high-risk move. But intuitively she knew the time was

right, that the fashion industry was ready to embrace collections that adhered to compassionate

and conscious standards. Her brand has since thrived through the development of innovative

fabrics and new techniques, and through thoughtful use of resources while minimizing waste and

producing high-quality designer apparel made to last.

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