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KO Studio was created by designer Valery Kovalska as a supplemental 2nd line to her designer level main line called VALERY KOVALSKA. Valery’s key focus for the KO Studio collection is to push the design boundaries for ‘basics’ creating edgy and interesting pieces that stand out from the crowd but that also have an ease to their wear.

The collection is comprised of Unisex and Womens pieces designed with the concept of adaptability, for a modern day nomad that moves seamlessly through the world.

As a Ukrainian designer, Valery has thought a lot recently about the concept of invisible boundaries that separate people who essentially have the same needs and wants. Valery has a global view of humanity where she sees contrasts as a positive instead of a divide.

In a seemingly divided world, she wanted to highlight our similarities with respect to our differences.

With KO Studio Valery has created an aesthetic with an avant garde approach that crosses boundaries with no strong division of sexes.

She wanted to create a universal platform that is comfortable and approachable but also fashion forward; clothing in harmony with our environments, lifestyles, and bodies.

For the SS16 collection, Valery envisioned a modern nomadic tribe in one of the world’s many growing deserts with it’s washed out colors and diffused light.

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