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The VALERY KOVALSKA brand’s production focus is on a combination of last century bespoke tailors’ handcrafted garments combined with modern shapes and fabrics and the development of new techniques and trimmings with the use of modern technology.

Valery begins each collection with a seasonal concept and hundreds of sketches.

She then travels to Italy and France to search for new fabrics with interesting qualities and textures. Valery often gets design inspiration from the fabrics that she finds.


After fabric sourcing, she develops original prints, embroideries, buttons, hardware, and trimmings, and experiments with new types of plissé and fabric dying techniques. When the materials have been developed, she then works hand in hand with her team to develop patterns from her sketches that incorporate all of these elements. Each season the collection consists of approximately 100 styles; from unusual tees, to intricate outerwear, and hand embellished evening wear with a new and modern approach to event dressing.

All samples and the full production range are produced in the VALERY KOVALSKA atelier and with a handful of production partners in Kiev with specialized skills.

Every style in the collection is made from scratch by one specific tailor each, which provides a truly bespoke and couture approach to production. Many items in past collections have incorporated over 50 different cut pattern pieces in order to create completely unique textures, draping, and shapes.

The VALERY KOVALSKA team is made up of a global sales director, brand manager, tailors, patternmakers, cutters, hand knitting specialists, hand embroiderers, painters, graffiti artists, videographers, photographers, graphic designers, and web-developers.

Valery always tries to support local Ukrainian businesses and entrepreneurs and often employs individuals with interesting skills who have not previously worked in the fashion industry.

Valery follows the principles of sustainable development in all aspects of her brand’s work; beginning with her choice of fabric suppliers and ending with the employment of a local workforce and businesses, offering competitive salaries, and all with an ecologically responsible approach toward the resources being used.

Valery’s ultimate goal is to create styles for the VALERY KOVALSKA collection with outstanding quality and design that enables each woman who wears them to feel empowered, fashionable, and unique.

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